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Our Philosophy

At NWC, we thrive to restore and balance health in a natural way as we believe with the correct lifestyle change and preventive or corrective steps towards healing, the body being a remarkable self; will be able to heal itself naturally.

The best reference for mankind is to refer to a well and normal human being in terms of hormones, immune, intestinal function, body pH and emotional state of man with a minimal amount of chemical toxicity.
The ideal reference is at a about the age of 30 – 35 years when the body is at its peak of health.

Disease starts when the body is “out of sync”, a state of mental, emotional and physical imbalance. What we do and think will have an impact ultimately to our physical health.

An imbalanced state of health results in alteration body PH (most of the time it is acidic) and a sluggish blood flow to all of the organs resulting in a decreased state of oxygenation and hence, resulting in impaired organ functions.

An impaired organ cannot produce adequate amount of hormones for optimal health. The organs in our body such as the intestines, stomach, liver, kidneys, sex organs, thyroid and brain have specific functions in order to produce the right amount of hormones, to ensure proper mineralization and to eliminate waste products effectively in order to maintain good health.