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About Us

Find out more about the people behind Naturo Wellness

Naturo-Wellness Clinic was established in 2001 and is wholly owned by Naturo-Wellness Concept Sdn Bhd. We are firmly committed in sealing our status as an integrated medical clinic by promoting health and wellness; and preventing diseases or illness. The key strength of the clinic lies in its professionalism and sound ethics.

Our key staff are well trained and aim to provide exemplary services with a special emphasis on individual patient care.

Dr Norzita Bt Mohd Yusof (MBBS (Malaya) IBCMT(Board Certified) WOSAAM(Board Certified) General Practitioner is the founder of Naturo Wellness. She completed her undergraduate studies in University Of Malaya, the oldest university in Malaysia and graduated with the degrees of Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) in August 1994.

Since then, she has gained valuable clinical experience and emphasizing preventive health in the government setting while being trained in the disciplines of general medical and orthopedics, surgery, pediatric and neonatal intensive care unit. This experience proves to be invaluable. Her involvement in Preventive Medicine started when she subsequently worked in a wellness center that emphasized on managing diseases in a natural way.

Currently, she is running an integrated medical practice with a total holistic approach towards health, which advocates the benefits of nutritional therapy with lifestyle modification as well as a weight loss dietary program. Since environmental toxins are an integral part of our lifestyle and in our food chain, she strongly advocate a program tailor–made to reduce heavy metals that burden our body. This stint was a harbinger to a bigger endeavor in the year 2001 when she incorporated a total holistic approach towards health at her own practice.

She believes in Preventive medicine, as it is the best approach in health restoration and health preservation through creating awareness in people and a lifestyle change.


  • Member of Malaysian Medical Association (MMA)
  • Member of Society for Anti-Aging, Asthetic and Regenerative Medicine Malaysia (SAAARMM)
  • Member of World Society of Anti-Aging Medicine (WOSAAM)

We aim to balance the mind, physique and the spiritual of human being through education and wellness.

By addressing the underlying root health problem by firstly, using natural means, to achieve vibrant and abundant health and wellness.

By personalizing lifestyle change and awareness on environmental health issues.

To be internationally acclaimed and respected as a complete and successful wholistic medical practice under physician’s care and monitoring.


To welcome you as our PARTNERS IN HEALTH with the primary focus in your health restoration in both physical and emotional aspect to achieve your health and wellness. We hope to inspire you to live life to the fullest! Live well!