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3 Steps before seeing the doctor.

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Step 2 -  Download Appendix A (Welcome Note &  Medical Liability ) and Appendix B (Registration Form)

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Step 3 – Fill up the Appendix A (Welcome Note &  Medical Liability) & Appendix B (Registration Form)  and bring it along to the clinic

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Medical Liability

We aim to balance the mind, physique and the spiritual of human being through education and wellness.

By addressing the underlying root health problem by firstly, using natural means, to achieve vibrant and abundant health and wellness.

By personalizing lifestyle change and awareness on environmental health issues.

To be internationally acclaimed and respected as a complete and successful wholistic medical practice under physician’s care and monitoring.


To welcome you as our PARTNERS IN HEALTH with the primary focus in your health restoration in both physical and emotional aspect to achieve your health and wellness. We hope to inspire you to live life to the fullest! Live well!