1. Does your clinic accept walk in?
    We normally accept our patient by appointment. However, we may be able to accommodate your request in certain situation.
  2. What makes NWC Clinic different?
    It is personalized therapy based on environment & genetics.
  3. Do I need referral?
    No, and appointment is needed prior to clinic consultations.
  4. Do you provide panel clinic?
    Yes, only to Etiqa panel.
  5. How to cancel the appointment?
    You can always call us, or send us a message via WhatsApp
  6. How long should I allocate the time when I visit the Clinic?
    The first 30 minutes is for you to fill in the registration form, measurement of your body index, followed by consultation & physical examination for the next 1 hour. And 30 minutes will be allocated subsequently for investigation, dispensing medication (supplements), and billing. Your next appointment will be made before you leave the clinic.
  7. I have insurance that covers therapy sessions. How do I use that insurance?
    You will need to make payment directly at our clinic and we will provide a copy of the invoices for the service. You can use this to get reimbursement for covered services from your insurance.
  8. Where is the clinic located?
    Finding us is very simple. Here are our details. Our clinic address in J-2-12 SOHOKL, Jalan Solaris, Solaris Mon’t Kiara. 50480 Kula Lumpur Malaysia. If you are coming by car, there is underground parking in Solaris. The lower you go, the more spaces there are! When you are parked, look for Starbucks in Jalan Solaris, the main road of Solaris. It’s on the ground floor of the big office called SOHO KL. Adjacent to Starbucks, there is a lift lobby. Go to second floor and turn right as you come out from the lift. We are located at the far end of the walkway.
  9. What are the clinic hours of operation?
    The clinic is open from Tuesday to Saturday 8.30am am to 6 pm. We are closed on Sundays, Mondays and public Holidays.


  1. Do you do Mammogram/Ultrasound?
    No we do not. We will refer you to the hospital of your choice.
  2. What are the tests that NWC Clinic offers?
    We offer blood test that covers general screening, hormone, vitamin, urine & stool, hair screening. Genetic test can be screened via saliva & blood.
  3. How long do I wait for my result?
    It varies depending on where the sample is sent. If done locally, will take between 1-10 days. Samples sent overseas can take up to 6 weeks to arrive.
  4. What can I expect in my first visit?
    Complete history taking and physical examination by Doctor, followed by necessary tests done by nurses.
  5. Does the doctor and nurses carry practicing license?
    Yes we have to renew the license.
  6. Do I need to stop all medication and supplement before a blood test?
    On the day of your blood test all your oral medication, local application and injection should be stopped, for the blood test and can be continued after the blood test is done.
  7. What if I am worried about my health but cannot afford to pay treatment and medication?
    You may discuss your concern at our front desk as there are several options available in the clinic. We have interest free payment 6 – 12 months only to Maybank cardholder.
  8. How will I be notified of my blood test result?
    You will be notified through Whats App or email to schedule your next appointment to review your result.
  9. Can I do blood, urine, stool, labs investigation without seeing Doctor?
    Generally you will need to see the Doctor first before doing so.
  10. What are the age range of patients that you see in your clinic?
    From newborns to elderly patient, also includes pregnant women and paediatric patients.
  11. Why are some tests high in costs?
    We send overseas so some tests are not found in Malaysia.
  12. Can someone else view my medical record or ask questions about my personal treatment plan?
    Your medical card is strictly private. No information will be given to anyone without your permission.


  1. Do you provide price list to your patient?
    It is not our practice to provide price list to our patient. However we will provide you a mock bill before you proceed .
  2. Is your clinic registered under airport free tax?
  3. Is the clinic registered under the Ministry of Health?
  4. What mode of payments do you accept at your clinic?
    For local patients we accept; cash, credit card, debit card direct transfer, telegraphic transfer, easy payment (MBB), for overseas patients; Fund transfer and Paypal.
  5. Do you provide itemized billing for tax/insurance purpose?
    Yes, please inform us beforehand.


  1. What are the products prescribed to patients?
    We provide vitamin supplementation, hormonal therapy and medication if needed.
  2. How do I get access to the supplements from your clinic?
    Pharmacy will dispense it and you may collect it personally or sent through courier.
  3. Are the supplements taken for long term?
    It may not be for a long term if lifestyle changes are made.
  4. How effective is your supplement?
    The effectiveness of supplements depends on multiple factors. Example; compliance, storage of supplement, dosing and timing of eating.
  5. I am vegetarian, are all your supplements vegetarian based?
    Not all supplements are vegetarian based.
  6. How do I get prescription refill?
    After consultation with the Doctor, she will prescribe the medication/supplement and will be dispensed by the Pharmacist. The pharmacist will refill the prescribed medicine/supplement based on Doctor’s advice.